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Statistics show 1 in 4 homes in the UK are officially overcrowded

Fully grown up kids still living at home well into their late 30s & 40’ as the age of the first time buyers shoots up to 37 – They need more space and privacy & are bringing their spouses back to live with them too.

Bedrooms overcrowded/overflowing with stuff and bathroom over used by all the family  



Give family members privacy back – allowing you to live a more dignified home life, by way of extra double bedroom, additional bathroom and loads of usable practical storage 

Extra space to accommodate all the extra stuff that comes with up growing teenagers and fully grown kids  – so less burden on already stretched household facilities 

Get paid for doing this too! You could massively increase the value of your home by adding up to 20-40% to the value of your home in only 8 weeks.