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By 2020 80% of us will work from home for part or all of the week, but most of us do not have the space we need to make this work for us and our families…

Warning! Before you next work from home know that Managers’ #1 complaint about employees working form home is the lack of professionalism  – doors slamming, kids shouting in the background of a teleconference and not wishing to see the intimate details of colleague’s bedrooms when on Skype or Webinar meetings.

40% of Employers surveyed said their professional opinion of employees / collegues has been negatively affected as a result of a lack of their perceived professionalism whilst working from home – Now having the right home office can seriously damage your career!! 




Allow you to work from home professionally and sustainably –zero commuting and increased productivity and enhance career prospects all at the same time…

Enhanced work life balance, especially for households where both partners work 

Get paid for doing this too! You could massively increase the value of your home by adding up to 20-40% to the value of your home in only 8 weeks.