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Today in London up to 3 generations of a family are now living together under the same roof – Grand parents, parents, children  – personal space is at a premium and finding a big enough house to buy is getting harder and harder

Fast increasing house prices in London are freezing out first time buyers like never before meaning that some children don’t leave home until they are 35 or older!

It’s well known that a lack of privacy and overcrowding are putting a strain on home, personal and married life like never before…



More space = less family stress = more privacy = a happy household…

Give you the ability to customise features to aid mobility and convenience for the your parents living with you including grab rails on the stairs and specially adapted shower units 

Harness the opportunity to significantly increase the value in your home by adding up to 20-40% to the value of your home in many cases in as few as only 8 weeks.