Creative Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions have become the go-to home improvement extension. Hardly surprising really when it adds up to 25% to your property and creates more space in the family home. An attic converted into a bedroom with an en-suite combo is therefore and ideal solution!

But adding value to property is not the only reason people turn unused attic space into a functional part of their home. Loft conversions are booming in the UK because homeowners want to do more with their property and have empty space they can create into something they can call their own.

The en-suite bedroom may be the classic theme for an attic, but that all changed with intuitive loft converters that can come up with all sorts of creative ideas to make something unique of your empty roof space. Let’s have a look what you could turn your new room into!

Your own Home Cinema

With a new range of giant 4K TVs and high-definition projectors on the market, bringing the magic of Ultra HD to your own home is breathtaking. So why not take advantage of technology and wow your friends with the spectacular visuals of the big screen and the latest 3D home entertainment hits. With some sleek interior design and light trickery you can enjoy cinema’s greatest moments from the best seat in the house.

Recording Studio

If music is your life then a loft converted recording studio has got to be the ultimate home improvement. With a touch of soundproofing and intelligent layout you can finally get cracking on that next masterpiece, while the sloped interior of your roof acts as a rich acoustic feature to help you capture the perfect sound in your own home studio.

Home Workout

The hardest part about going to the gym after a long day at work is getting yourself back out the front door again. The last thing you want to do on those cold winter evenings is step out in your gym kit and wait for the car to warm up. So why not bring the gym home and fit your loft with all the essentials you need to keep in shape? Home gyms are on the rise in UK homes, but all that hefty equipment can take up a lot of space. A loft conversion gives you enough room to stretch your legs and lift those weights without stepping out after work.

The Attic Bar

Sounds like a good place for a Friday night out, but you make it a swanky night in with a home bar in your loft conversion. Sleek design and some strategically placed windows can help your create the perfect chillout zone for you and your friends to sign off the week. Aside from the bar you can install your own sound system, pool table or a few widescreens for the footy.

Got any better loft conversion ideas?

If our ideas on how to create the perfect loft conversion aren’t creative enough for you or you have your own dream conversion in mind, we would love to hear from you.

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