Home Renovation Finance

Home Renovation Finance

79% of homeowners pay for their home renovation by remortgaging

By now you know that Architecture 100 is the only place you’ll get beautiful, approved house plans that are ready to build from, for a seriously affordable single fee.

But did you know that most homeowners pay for their home renovation by mortgaging?

It makes sense. House prices are going up and up and the cost of money is coming down and down. If you have been living in your home for even a few months, the chances are that you have loads of equity building up, doing absolutely nothing.

It is a very competitive home renovation remortgage market with rates below 1% in cases. As a result, banks are desperate to lend to the right customers at the moment “after all it’s how they make money”!

Infact, We get asked all the time if we know a specialist for their home renovation remortgage. The answer is yes. In fact 1 in 5 of all our clients use our specialist partners to release equity in order to pay for their home renovation.

Knowing that you are using architecture 100 to draw up your plans helps them to find the best deal out there, because lender want to know you’ve hired professional Architects to draw up professional plans.

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“We were getting our loft converted anyway, but decided to take out finance just to top up the budget and get the family bathroom redone at the same time. It took 15 minutes to apply and the money was in our account in 48 hours.”
Ricky & Bubs, South Bucks

I would like a low-cost project finance without the fuss.

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