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City Lofts London, Your Loft Conversion Company

City Lofts London, Your Loft Conversion Company

Why it pays to hire a professional loft conversion company 

You have finally taken the first step to making your loft conversion dream a reality by looking for a loft conversion company to carry out the work. By far the biggest fear of home owners like you is to inadvertently hire a cowboy, and to deal with the inevitable consequence of a home improvement nightmare from hell. Regrettably T.V shows like DIY SOS are real, and unscrupulous builders operate in all postcodes.   

So how can you prevent yourself from falling victim to a cowboy? The answer is to hire a professional loft conversion company.   

But how do you know you are dealing with a professional loft conversion company?

City Lofts London, Your Loft Conversion Company

How to identify a professional loft conversion company

Unfortunately there isn’t an official loft conversion company register you can search, however to help you pin down finding the right loft conversion company for you, we have compiled this checklist for you:

  • does not generalise, they specialise
  • sticks to a pre-agreed work specification, and documents any changes made to this specification
  • sticks to budget, provides a payment schedule
  • has an agreed schedule of work from the outset
  • a project timeline and sticks to it
  • formalises the project with a recognised contract (such as FMB or JCT);
  • has a trusted reputation in the industry
  • benefits from bona fide industry accreditation
  • has a plethora of customers willing vouch for his work
  • has a checkable portfolio of work
  • is fully insured
  • has appropriate trade qualifications
  • has received public recognition of outstanding work

How to find a loft conversion company for your project 

Well, you just have. Hi! 

Following your mandatory Google search that led you to us in the first place, the three things you must check prior to hiring a loft conversion company like City Lofts London are: 

Check for reviews of the loft conversion company onlineFacebookGoogle, trade bodies (point 3) are a main places. Though hub sites such as Houzz are becoming increasingly important. 

Does the loft conversion company come recommended? Seek social proof from work colleagues, friends, family and neighbour. Warning don’t be complacent; just because your chum had a good experience doesn’t necessarily mean you will. Everyone’s idea of ‘good’ is different, so you will need to carry out your own checks. 

Ensure the loft conversion company is trade body certified. A professional loft conversion company will have had to jump through several hoops to become accredited, such as providing years worth of checkable invoices, references going back 5 years, demonstrable hands-on building acumen and even a physical office inspection from Trading Standards. The Which? Trusted Trader scheme and association to the Federation of Master Builders are probably the best. Watch out for schemes like Trust A TraderRated PeopleBarkCheck a Trade and My Builder – these are businesses than earn commissions for trades people they recommend.  


Find Your Style Of Home

Every loft conversion needs a set of approved plans in place before you start building, but for now, identify the property type most like yours, and contact us to see what you need to cost for your loft conversion.

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We take huge pride in what we do here at City Lofts London. Not only do we just provide more space for our clients, but we provide the opportunity for our clients to do so much more with their home. We won’t leave until we know we’ve done a fantastic job. However don’t just take our word for it, here is what/projects/ our clients have said.

“City Lofts took time to really understand my circumstances and I appreciated that. The extra value they give you is just incredible, and they were worth every penny.

Hon L.

May 2014

“My parents are in the North & I wanted somewhere they could come and stay whenever they wanted. Now they have their own room and bathroom which is great. City Lofts did a magnificent job.”

Adam & Deborah

June 2013

“The guys were just brilliant; very tidy and refreshingly polite. For me this was essential as I live on a private riverside estate. I will be using them again.”

Bella M.

Feb 2012

“We had always wanted to do a project like this. It is fair to say they made our dream come true.”
Brent & Jane T.

Aug 2014

“Getting planning permission around here is difficult so I was glad the City Lofts Architect led the process successfully. The team was organised and friendly and the finished loft was flawless. ”

Dr. Singh

May 2017

“City Lofts were extremely professional and very systematic in how they went about building. The whole process went like clockwork.”

Simon M.

May 2015

“I live miles away from the site and work long hours in the City so I wasn’t able to visit the job regularly. So to say I was impressed with how they kept me apprised throughout via email is an understatement. They did a magnificent job and did so whilst my tenant was still living there. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”
Tim D.

July 2015

“Fantastic creativity mixed with professionalism and a real joy to work with. Rare in the building world I imagine! I would highly recommend City Lofts to anyone thinking about it.”
Nick N.

Sept 2014

“The work was amazing and I have recommended them to all my friends.  I was heavily pregnant at the time with by second, and living at home whilst the work was being done. They were incredibly considerate towards my situation and that meant a lot.”
Alexandra J.

Oct 2014

“They were a breath of fresh air. Really glad I found builders I like and get on with professionally and personally. Worth every penny and I’ve already recommended them to others”
Chris P.

Apr 2015

“No matter what request we had, Kuly was always there for us.  He was always there for us and that meant everything”
Vandana & Pratul N.

Jan 2016

“Thoroughly friendly and extraordinarily knowledgeable. Thank you guys, thank you Deepak!”
Faye H.

Nov 2016

See lots more testimonials that happy home owners have left on our Houzz profile, on our Which? Trusted page and on our Facebook page. We would be happy to get you in touch with any of our clients directly so you can ask them 121 about their loft conversion.


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