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Loft Conversion Costs

Guide Costs For Common Types Of Loft Conversions

The first question 67% of all clients have when they ring in, is to ask what a loft conversion costs to build. That is exactly the right question to ask, because without having an good estimate on what a loft conversion costs, you won’t be in a position to budget for it, or to know how much to remortgage to release the funds to pay for it.

Annoyingly, loft companies don’t tell you costs upfront and insist on sending a sale rep out meet you before giving away costs, and then the hard sell starts. We do not do that here.

Real Architects = Real Loft Conversion Costs

Our in-house RIBA architectural practice understands that the housing stock in London and the home counties doesn’t vary so much. In fact, a majority of housing stock is one of these five types, and we know exactly what a loft conversion on them costs to build.

Find Your Style Of Home

Every loft conversion needs a set of approved plans in place before you start building, but for now, identify the property type most like yours, and contact us to see what you need to cost for your loft conversion.

1960-70’s Planned-Estate House

Conversion type: Rear dormer

1980’s Planned-Estate House

Conversion type: Rear dormer

1930’s Semi-Detached House

Conversion type: Hip to gable

Victorian Terraced House

Conversion type: Rear dormer

Victorian End Terraced House

Conversion type: L-section

Modern Post 2002 Detached House

Conversion type: Roofline

Converted Flats And Maisonettes

Conversion type: Inset rear dormer

Purpose-Built Flats And Maisonettes

Conversion type: Inset rear dormer


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As you’d expect these build costs are general, and to get a specific cost for your home, you will need to request a quotation survey from our very experienced architectural team. Just fill out the form and we’ll call you right back to book in your FREE consultation.

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