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Garden Room in Ealing

Ealing is a popular place to live and the property stock of  Ealing is very suited to garden rooms. In fact, for our clients a garden room in Ealing gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the Ealing garden room has increased property value handsomely.



Garden Annex in Ealing

  • Job type: Garden Room in Ealing
  • Property type: Detached house
  • Reason for works: space for an office in the garden
  • Project spec: High Specification
  • Client Feedback: I have always dreamed about having a space away from the house & family just to focus on my business. That’s why I contacted City Lofts London, to see if this could be a reality, and they made that happen. I am so happy now!” – Sandeep from Ealing
  • Project manager Prospective: “Straightforward project, completed on time an with no hassle” – Kulveer, Project Manager
  • Architecture: services provided by Architecture100
  • Awards: Most Heavenly Builder at the FMB National Master Builder

During Works Photo

After Works Photo

Garden Room in Ealing

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