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Light Refurbishment Hendon

Light Refurbishment Hendon

  • Job type: heating, light refurbishment
  • Property type: Detached 1930’s 4 bedroom house
  • Reason for loft conversion: Hendon
  • Project spec: n/a
  • Extra features: Full decoration and a heating upgrade
  • Client feedback: ‘We’ve used Kuly and the guys before, we like working with him because the team is so polite and respectful when they work in our home. That is important because I’ve heard too many horror stories of contractors messing up jobs and homes in a rush to finish the work.’

Customer requested privacy for their home images.

Project Manager’s Perspective: ‘Shindy & Rita’s sons would soon be off to university and the home owners wanted to refurbish to property – The Simpsons wallpaper in the boys’ bedroom was all of a sudden looking a little bit dated. They had been reviving life into an aging heating system for the best part of a year and the tipping point came where it was cheaper to invest in a new system then throw good money after bad in repairs. It always works out cheaper in the long run.’

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