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Loft Conversion Ealing Council

Loft Conversion Ealing Council. Ealing is a popular place to live and the property stock of Ealing is very suited to loft conversions. In fact, for our clients a loft conversion in Ealing gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the Ealing loft conversion has increased property value handsomely.

Loft Conversion Ealing Council

  • Job type: Loft Conversion in a conservation area
  • Property type: Semi-Detached
  • Reason for loft conversion: clients wants more space 
  • Project spec: High Specification
  • Client Feedback: “I don’t know what we would have done without the loft space during covid lockdown. It was a God send” – Eiline from Ealing
  • Project Manager’s perspective: “We built this loft during the ‘beast from the east’ snowstorm of 2018 and we didn’t miss one day of work. This was a young family and it was important to complete works as efficiently as possible”- Kuly, Project Manager

Loft Conversion Ealing Council BEFORE

Loft Conversion Ealing Council AFTER

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