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Attic Conversion in West Ealing, London

West Ealing is a popular place to live and the property stock of West Ealing is very suited to attic conversions. For our clients an attic conversion in West Ealing gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the West Ealing conversion has increased property value handsomely. 

Attic Conversion in West Ealing

  • Job type: Bespoke rear dormer    
  • Property type: Mid Victorian semi detached 
  • Reason for loft conversion: To maximise the usable area of the home and to realise maximum equity gain 
  • Project spec:  High spec 
  • Clients’ perspective: “Our neighbour was using City Loft London and we liked their work and we decided to contact them. The loft is great, at reasonable price and we’re very happy about the result”
  • Project Manager’s Perspective: ” We have worked side by side with the neighbour and everything went smoothly. Big space for a great loft conversion”
  • Architecture: services provided by Architecture100
  • Awards: Most Heavenly Builder at the FMB National Master Builder

Before Conversion Photos

After Conversion Photos

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