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Side and Rear Extension in Hounslow

Hounslow is a popular place to live and the property stock of Hounslow is very suited to loft conversions. For our clients a loft conversion in Hounslow gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the Hounslow loft conversion has increased property value handsomely.

Side and Rear Extension in Hounslow

  • Job type: Side and rear extension in Hounslow
  • Property type: 1950’s semi detached
  • Reason for extension: Kids were growing up and the family needed more space
  • Project spec: Standard
  • Extra features: Heating upgrade & brand new roof
  • Client feedback:We took our time selecting a contractor because we would be living in whilst the work was going on, so it was important we got on personally as well as professionally. Of course it can get hectic and sometimes stressful when living effectively on the site, but they went out of their way to make it as comfortable as possible for us. So thank you.’   

Customer requested privacy for their home images.

  • Builder’s Perspective: ‘The whole family was living at the property whilst the work was being done, so we had to work cleverly in stages, moving the family around the house as we went. It’s the one time I fell foul of the builder stereotype, as Daljit & Raj would feed up copious tea and biscuits throughout the day. I enjoyed this build.’
  • Architecture: services provided by Architecture100
  • Awards: Most Heavenly Builder at the FMB National Master Builder

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