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10 Amazing Loft Conversion Ideas…

So maybe you’re thinking about getting a loft conversion done, or perhaps have already started. Good design is key to giving your household the facilities and space the family needs, and also in making your investment in a loft conversion work for you when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.

When it comes to getting your creative juices flowing the best thing you can do is to take your broadband modem, your iPad, your laptop, your smart phone and put them all in the drawer. Now take out a good old-fashioned jotter pad and a thick black marker and write the words ‘loft conversion ideas’ across the front. Congratulations you now have a design scrapbook for your project.

Scribble ideas, sketches and plans into the scrapbook and get creative; get a whole load of cuttings of things that you see and like and stick them all in.


Now just to get you going here are a few things for you to consider for your new loft conversion:

1. Moonlight Sonata

Design allowing, a skylight above the new staircase would allow natural light to flood the stairwell and permeate down through the first floor too. Best of all, on those few nights a month where the moon is whole in all its glory, the moonlight seeping through the skylight is enough to light the stairwell. Quite marvelous.

2. Victorian Prestige

They’re certainly not cheap, but if you happen to live in a classic Edwardian or Victorian property, then fitting sash window to the dormer (double or triple glazed) would ensure the loft conversion stays in keeping with the existing aesthetic of the house, and signal to your neighbours that when you do something, you do it with pride.

3. Creative Storage

You will have been used using your great big attic for storing all of your household’s unsightlies. Now that this is being built over, you need to get creative with your storage options. Look to maximize every square inch of space and work closely with your Architect to draft a plan that makes best use of the space available.

4. Venetian Plastering

Sometimes called polished plaster, Venetian plaster is a mouthwatering piece of styling that exudes chic. It is a craft that takes years to perfect, but if you find yourself lucky enough to have a plasterer in your loft team with the eye to work this magic marble medley, then pick a wall and do it.

5. Lead by Example

A fully lead-lined dormer is a serious statement. The exterior of the dormer face and cheeks would be covered in code-4 lead, and fitted by a certified lead-beater. It does come with a price tag, but for that touch of class, look no further.

6. Open Plan En Suite

That’s right, the bed, the dresser, the bath and loo all in the same open space…yeah baby! It is a niche but growing trend amongst Interior Designers and Architects wanting to squeeze as much possible usable space out of the loft by removing the needs for walls. Nice.

7. Go Go Gadget Windows

Your Velux windows are the ones that sit in the front slope of the roof. Velux have now gone 22nd century with super fly upgrade now available; try remote controlled open/close, automatic rain sensor that automatically shut the window then in starts to rain.

8. To Be or Not Be?

You’ve probably seen them, but did you know what they were called? Those rather fetching French doors in the dormer with the abutted balcony, are called Juliet balconies in the industry. They flood the room with light and are a affordable and luxurious edition to any loft conversion.

9. Step Up

When it comes to the new staircase up to the loft room, you have two clear options. 1) Go classic. Style the stairs in keeping with the existing staircase and create a seemless progression from the old part of the house to the new. 2) Go bold. Decide on a distinctly different look for the new stairs to what you currently have. If the existing stairs are finished with satin white banister and spindles, then you could go for exposed oak steps with glass balustrade for the new.

10. Designer Radiators

The boring white panel radiator has had a makeover. Designer radiators are now available in a plethora of fashions, from Bohemian to Victorian to ultra modern. Not only do they provide all the heat you need to stay warm and cosy, they will become an eye-catching feature in the room / bathroom and make a real statement.

If you’re anything like me, now you will want it all, and so you should. You’re home deserves to be the best. Let’s figure out how to engineer in as many of your ideas as possible to the building plans from the get-go. Get in touch below,

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