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As time goes by, the family home can start to feel a bit cramped. Moving house is a big deal though. For some people it is impossible. Upgrades cost money and a bigger home normally comes at a compromise. For an extra bedroom you don’t get the same quality area you want to live- unless you pay extra money for it.

In a volatile housing market, more homeowners choose to stay put and make better use of the space they already have. Loft conversions are helping families keep their home, without compromising on quality or space. While they drastically increase the value of your home if moving ever becomes the only option.

Whatever reason you need more space for, a loft conversion can offer you a more cost-effective solution, without the need to move.

A new arrival

A new member of the family is always exciting. Sometimes a little stressful too – especially when you haven’t got the room for a new arrival. Adding a house hunt into the mix can really take the joy out of nine special months. But you might not need to move at all. A loft conversion makes the perfect nursery for any new-born and creates all the extra space you need. 

The kids need separate rooms

There comes a time when the little ones need separate rooms. This is one of the most common reasons why parents put the house up for sale, in search of something bigger. Yet again, the chances are you have to make some sort of compromise. More often than not, there’s a bunch of decorating needed and the kids have to keep sharing anyway, until things are finished. This kind of defeats the object. Especially when a loft conversion can give them separate rooms, much quicker and for less.

Grown-up kids

First-time buyers face an almost impossible housing market. Which leaves more adult kids living with mum and dad. It’s a tough gig for any “grown up” to get scolded for not turning their socks inside out. Big personalities can make the family home feel very small. But now is no time to move. A loft conversion can give grown children the space they need and add enough value to the property to help them with a deposit.

You need a place to work

Working from home is on the rise and more people need a dedicated workspace to get things done. The kitchen is full of distractions and the TV remote rules out the sitting room. You don’t need a new home, but you need somewhere to work.

A home for mum or dad

Sadly, all our parents get older. It’s hard to watch you parents age – especially when mum or dad is on their own. There comes a point where you don’t like to see your parents living alone. A loft conversion can offer mum or dad a place in the family home, while letting them keep a sense of pride an independence.

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