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“What does a loft conversion cost?” is understandably the most asked question amongst homeowners looking to carry out their loft conversion.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer, as one size does not fit all. There are several dozen contributing factors that impact on the loft conversion cost. Some of the major factors include property size, property type, composition of roof anatomy and of course homeowners’ own specification requirements.

When getting quotes for your loft conversion it is essential that you understand what has been quoted for; that is to say what elements of the project are included and what is not.

Some loft firms will leave out big and important aspects of the project in order to make their proposal appear more appetizing than the competition, where others (like FMB accredited City Lofts London) will include just about everything. But either way be sure you understand the scope of work to allow you to budget sensibly from the outset.

In this clip, homeowners similar to you, tell you straight about the loft conversion costs they faced.

Hopefully hearing the real-life experiences of others like you will help focus the mind on the type of quote to expect.

As a very high-level indicator, you should expect to spend in the region of £39,000 on a loft conversion for a classic 3-bed semi. Costs vary according to the factors mentioned above, but at least you now have a starting point of reference.

For a full, fixed and priced-to-the-penny loft conversion costing, you’ll need to book in for a loft survey of your home. If you are London based, we can help. See if you qualify for a free consultation by visiting www.CityLoftsLondon.com or call 02088988299 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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