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If you’re looking to create more space, improve or add value to your property, there are a number of ways you can better your home – but two options stand out in particular. Home extensions used to be the popular choice for UK homeowners wanting a little more room to work with, but loft conversions have become the nation’s favourite home improvement in recent years.

Which option is best for you depends on your situation and what exactly you want to add to your property. That said, loft conversions have topped the list of home improvements for a number of reasons and by the time you have finished reading this post you will see exactly why.

Add the most value to your home

A key factor in choosing the right home improvement for your property is the value you can expect to add to your home. A good house extension can increase the physical size of your property and add value to your house, but property experts suggest loft conversions as the best way to increase the value of your property by up to 25%.

The most cost-effective home improvement

Increasing the value of your property is great – but that depends on how much you have to spend in the first place. You want the most cost-effective option to maximise your profit, which means crunching some numbers before you make a choice. Precise numbers depend on the property you plan to work on, but loft conversions are generally the cheaper option as you are simply converting, rather than building new walls.

Making it your own

One advantage you might find with a home extension is more freedom to customise your build. With a loft your structure is already in place, whereas a new extension is yours to create – but that all depends on planning permission, building regulations and how much space you have to work with. On the flipside, there is no reason you can’t extend your loft to create more space to work with and make your own. 

Planning permission

You don’t need planning permission to convert your loft unless you extend it beyond very specific limits – which means you can normally get started on your attic right away. Home extensions are a different story though and you will need to apply for permission to build.

A question of space

If you want to add space to your property then loft conversions and extensions are two good options to consider. The only downside to extending your home is that you need space to build, which normally means sacrificing some of your garden or land – while a loft conversion turns unused space into more room for you and the family.

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