Mapesbury Park Loft Conversion - City Lofts London

Read the full transcript of this Mapesbury loft conversion and watch the full before and after video, at the end of the case study.

Please introduce yourself…

Renee Laub.

What work did you have carried out?

The alteration was already done, the physical alteration was done. And then, Koolie came in to do the rest for us. Redo the floors, bathrooms and the things we needed painting. And did the integral restructuring.

Why did you choose City Lofts?

Chose Koolie because they worked for us when we were renting and I always got on very well with Koolie.

How did you find City Lofts to work with?

I found them both utterly and completely, not only charming, but efficient and incredibly nice. The main thing about them is there’s never a problem. Every problem is solvable. And without any fuss, without any to do they just get on with it and do it and very efficiently.

What do you like most about your new improved home?

Their attention to detail is extraordinary, which suites me because I like that – particularly in our bathroom. Their finishes ’round the edges where instead of putting wooden surrounds, they do tiling, and they cut it..It’s absolutely … It was an incredible touch. Their attention to detail is very, very particular. All the upstands ’round the floors are all the same material, and done meticulous.

Watch the full before and after video here 


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