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Home renovation Chiswick Quays

Chiswick is a popular place to live and the property stock of Chiswick is very suited to loft conversions. For our clients ahome renovation in Chiswick gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the Chiswick renovation has increased property value handsomely.

Home renovation Chiswick Quays

  • Job type: House renovation in Chiswick
  • Property type: Fairly new mid-terraced town house
  • Reason for renovation: To Maximise value and sell the property on
  • Project spec: High spec
  • Client’s feedback: “I am a property investor and have dealt with a lot of contractors. I hired these guys because they understood my specifications so we were on the same wavelength. What was clear is that they worked to a system and were organised from the get-go working very quickly. When flipping properties specs can change and they were very flexible and the suggestions for alternative ways of doing things saved me time and money which as a developer is critical. Also of note is the attention to detail they have. Any imperfections in the tile and the tile wasn’t used, smears in silicone smoothed out, every single floorboard checked and screwed down tight before the flooring was laid. You get what you pay for and the investment I made in them I got back many times over when I sold.’”
  • Project Manager’s Perspective: ‘Empty properties are great to work on because we can get on and work with minimal disruption. This was a complete renovation in a sought-after area in Chiswick. The task involved using high quality materials to achieve a finish to the client and designer’s expectations. This job was originally scheduled to last for six months, but was actually completed within five to the client’s satisfaction. An enjoyable project resulting in a property that is unmatched in the area.’ – Kulveer- Project Manager
  • Architecture: services provided by Architecture 100
  • Awards: Most Heavenly Builder at the FMB National Master Builder 

Before home refurbish photos

After home renovation photos

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