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Loft Conversion In Isleworth, London

Isleworth is a popular place to live and the property stock of Isleworth is very suited to loft conversions. For our clients a loft conversion in Isleworth gives them the extra space they crave. Better still the Isleworth loft conversion has increased property value handsomely.

Loft Conversion Isleworth

  • Job Type: Roof line loft conversion in Isleworth
  • Property Type: Modern mid terraced
  • Reason for loft conversion: Young children are growing up fast and need additional space, so an additional bedroom became essential. Plus there is a need to provide a dedicated office space as our client often works from home.
  • Extra Features: Extra sloping roof windows to maximize light penetration; a total of seven Velux window fitted here.
  • Client’s feedback: Work in progress
  • Project Manager’s perspective: Work in progress. Initial thoughts are that this is a highly technical conversion where the roof line was not changing. Instead we are converting the space within the multiple roof slopes. The finesse on the design side was to configure the landing to allow access to the new loft bedroom, new loft bathroom and new office room to the rear of the loft conversion, all whilst navigating the complexities of the multiple roof slopes. This project is certainly making best use of all our skills of structural calisthenics!

Loft Conversion BEFORE

Loft Conversion AFTER

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