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Read the full transcript of this Willesden loft conversion and watch the full before and after video, at the end of the case study.

Tell us about yourself and the project…
Hi, I’m Simon Morgan and we’re here in my house to talk about the work City Lofts did for me. I had a quite major loft conversion, which involved taking the roof off the whole house and building a dormer, a loft conversion at the back and remodeling the roof. Needed some extra space, a conversion had previously been done there but not to a very good standard.

What motivated you to get a loft conversion?
We just wanted to make a bigger, cleaner and better room. Haven’t had the property valued, but I could only imagine that it has increased the value quite substantially actually, yes.

What did you enjoy most about the experience?
I’m not sure enjoy is quite the right word when you have builders in, but the guys were really considerate, really on time, they don’t leave a mess, they’re considerate towards my neighbors and that’s really a breath of fresh air for builders.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
I think the fact that the timescale was slightly open ended, as I found extra work I needed doing as we were putting stuff off. And so the duration of the project did extend and I wouldn’t actually blame that on the builders, but it was quite hard to deal with it at the time. Those concerns of not being able to move into the house, when I thought it’d be ready in time to have a look.

How involved were you in the design process?
Quite involved. City Loft brought a surveyor around, we had a couple of meetings, talked out some design plans, sketched some stuff out. Obviously, he came back to me with the drawings, all the regular true stuff. But basically, it was my concept that was then put into a final signed off set of drawing plans.

What part of your new loft do you like the most?
I think the view of the Wembley arch and the fact that I can hear the crowds when the goals go in is quite special. It’s just made more space in the house. It’s become a second living room, second bedroom. And that’s really really nice. Just somewhere to kind of go and have your own space and hang out, it’s lovely.

Why did you choose City lofts London?
City Lofts came with a recommendation and I do know one of the guys from previous work, so it seemed to make sense. I knew the work would be good quality and I knew I wouldn’t get the cliche builders runarounds that so often one does. So that was the reason I made the choice.

City lofts were not the cheapest, what were you paying a little extra for?
The number one reason has got to be the quality of the finish, which is super. Also the fact that you are buying into seriously qualified and proper engineering builders. We have a 10 inch I-beam that went into the roof. So for that sort of quality of work, to know that the work will last a long time, to know that the finish is going to be very good, to my mind is worth paying a bit more for.

Would you recommend city lofts?
I have recommended City Loft to friends and neighbors and I’m very glad to say they’ve already had some work put in.

Anything else you want to add?
No other thing. Working with City Lofts has been a unique pleasure, in my experience of working with builders.

Watch the full before and after video here 


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