Loft Decor: 7 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Loft

Christmas is a magical time of year and what makes it even better is the fact that many of us choose to decorate our homes. We spend a lot of time decorating our living rooms, our windows as well as the external area of our home but why not extend that into other areas of our homes such as our loft conversion. Just because the loft is positioned in the highest point of the property and often not seen by many, it doesn’t mean that it has to remain neglected when it comes to embracing all things Christmas. So, why not make the right moves and choose loft decor, so it really does feel like Christmas every time you enter it. With that in mind, what decorations would you require to turn your loft into a magical Christmas experience during December?

Go for Festive Garland
As part of your loft decor, you will have a staircase and so, opting to use some festive garland will really give your loft that Christmas look and feel. As there many types of loft conversion, there are also many different styles available but why not keep it traditional with the red and green? This is a versatile Christmas decoration that works perfectly on your bannister and if you require, you can even add in some additional beads. Get creative and use your imagination!

Put a Christmas Tree in There
It doesn’t have to be real Christmas tree and neither does it have to be a large artificial tree, a simple slimline Christmas tree will do the trick and it will really give your loft that Christmas feeling. Add in some lights or class decorations that fit in with the look and design of your room and bring Christmas to your loft in a simple and effective way.

Add Some Sparkle
If your loft conversion is a bedroom that has been designed with your touch, why not add in some sparkle in order to illuminate the room but still make it feel as though you have gone for that high-class look. Opting for decorations that have a metallic finish will add a touch of glamour and sophistication, it is a simple addition but one that has a maximum effect.

Internal Christmas Lights or candles
Some fairy lights that are dotted around the room will really give you that Christmas feeling and they will actually add some character to your room. Opt for some cool white lights to add a touch of lighting that won’t be overpowering but instead are subtle and effective. They will add a Christmas atmosphere and give your loft that warm Christmas glow.

External Christmas Lights
Christmas lights are not just for the inside of your loft so why not decorate your dormer with some sophisticated yet impressive Christmas lights. Bring your home to life and give it that Christmas look during the festive period by adding some external lights. They don’t have to be bright and obtrusive, something subtle will certainly do the job well.

Throw in Some Festive Cushions
If you have a sofa or a bed in your loft, why not add in some festive cushions? Remove your everyday cushions and replace them with some cushions that really have that festive-cheer about them. Add in some texture, some colour and style and embrace your festive cushions.

Hang Some Stockings
Christmas is not Christmas without stockings hanging somewhere. Hang them on the bed, on the door handle or anywhere else that appeals to you but a classic Christmas Stocking is up there with the tree when it comes to traditional decorations. A stocking will really finish off the look of your loft during the Christmas period.

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