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Read the full transcript of this Acton loft conversion, and watch the full before and after video at the end of the case study.

Introduce yourself…

Hi, my name’s Han. I run a graphic design company in central London.

Describe the work carried out…

Well it was a mid terrace Victorian flat in Acton, West London.

What was your motivation for converting the loft?

I went to convert the loft to add one more double bedroom en suite and at the same time renovate the rest of the flat. The rental market’s fantastic in London and I want to take advantage so we made use of our dead space in the attic and made a double bedroom to rent out to a professional tenant working in town.

What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

I think it was difficult to visualize the final room, where the bed should be, the storage units, things like colors and walls and fittings. So they took us to visit other lots that they converted, for inspiration, just to kind of putting into the right frame of mind.

How involved were you in the design process?

Quite intimately. City Lofts sent me a design journal, and we used it much like a scrapbook of ideas. We cut in, things that we’d see in a magazine, for instance, , wallpaper, for instance, just really to have a more structured way of going about the thinking process, which was something that we really quite impressed by.

What aspect of the loft conversion do you enjoy the most?

Well, I absolutely love having that additional space now. And there’s another set of stairs to make the apartment feel double in size. It just generally is really amazing.

How has the loft conversion and improved your life?

Well, as I said before, we have the intention of lending the room out and currently it’s amazing that we’re actually getting 210 pounds a week for it, which is 840 pounds a month. That’s just coming in on its own. It’s a no-brainer.

Why did you choose City Lofts London?

Well, they were way more professional than the other firm. They handed their quote to us in person. The other firm just emailed it to me. City Lofts spent a while with me to know me a little more and to really understand what I wanted to achieve. This reassured me a little, because it showed me how well I’d be looked after.

City lots were not the cheapest, what made them were paying a little extra for?

That’s right, they weren’t the cheapest. But all the extra value I received was incredible. Look, at the end of the day it was my primary home, and I wasn’t gonna risk it saving a few thousand pounds here or there. If you think about it, you only do this once. And you really should do it well, because at the end of the day you only get what you paid for.

Would you recommend City Lofts London?

Oh, absolutely. My mum, who had actually considered getting her loft done by having seen what a fantastic job the guys had done at my place. She was really impressed. Now she just loves the idea of getting passive income close to a 1,000 pounds a month for doing absolutely nothing. So she’s sitting down with City Lofts now.

Is there anything else that you like to add?

Well just to say that I enjoyed the experience, a lot off my mind. The guys were so professional, caring about what I was actually looking to achieve out of this. Greatly recommend them to anyone else quite easily.

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