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Attic space is typically used for storing junk you no longer use, or things you need from time to time, but do not have sufficient storage space in the main body of your house.

If you are planning a loft conversion project you will need to clear out your attic in preparation for building works to commence. The proverbial spring clean is often a job that is put off for another day and invariably never gets done, but is a necessity if you want a new room in your attic! 

The good news is that clearing out your junk does not have to be the chore you feel it will be – and once you read our ideas of what you can do with your unused items, you may even feel a stir of excitement! Let’s start with deciding what you keep and what you throw away.

Clearing out your attic space

A clear out of your unused or unwanted items is inevitable and you will have to be strict with yourself when deciding what you keep and what you get rid of. It helps to sort your belongings into piles as follows: 

  • Items you need
  • Items you don’t need
  • Items you can sell
  • Unsure

To determine which pile an item goes into ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was it last used?
  • Does it have any value (monetary or emotional)
  • How much space does it take up?

Items you still need is a no-brainer, but you may feel you could do with an upgrade such as a tent or garden furniture. If you have items in your loft that have not been used for years, ask yourself whether it has any emotional value – and be hard with yourself. Keeping your wedding dress is understandable, maternity dresses, not so much! 

Selling your unwanted junk

Bear in mind that just because you no longer use something, other people may still have a use for it, and thanks to eCommerce platforms like eBay you can make a bit of money back on your belongings – even if you don’t necessarily think it is worth anything, there is no harm in trying to sell it.

Things like books, old albums and toys are still worth a few quid or more. In the case of rare items, you might want to get it valued by an expert. You can also sell your stuff to pawn brokers, but don’t expect a great price. Old clothes are best given to a charity shop or homeless shelter. 

The items you have left over in the unsure pile may be determined on how much storage space you have once your loft conversion is complete. Use a loft conversion specialist and architect to ensure you have sufficient storage space in your new room. Don’t forget that some items already in your attic need to go back in there so don’t leave yourself short. 

So you see, clearing out your attic is not all that bad and in doing so you will have a trip down memory lane.

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