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Loft Conversion Cost

Understandably, home owners want to know the loft conversion cost before any other consideration. And quite frustratingly this is the most difficult thing to get any meaningful information on. This article will give you what you’re looking for.

Loft Conversion Cost is a subjective term

Any information on loft conversion cost floating about on the internet is either inaccurate or outdated and this is very annoying for anyone wanting to know what to budget for; instead home owners are left to ring around to get prices.

The reason it is difficult to pin down the loft conversion cost of a project is because ‘cost’ is a subjective term with a plethora of variables influencing the price. A number of these variables are highly technical and can only be pinned down upon completion of a site survey. A key consideration in ascertaining loft conversion cost is to first baseline what is being costed.

Does the cost only relate to the physical build, and if so are ancillary costs such as scaffold, skip permits and so forth included. Or does the cost relate to the design and build cost, where the architectural component is included. Know this and you then have a starting point.

What can change the loft conversion cost?

There are several items that can influence the loft conversion cost. During a loft consultation our Consultants will collect in excess of 500 data points, which our Quantities Surveyor uses to pull together a loft quote.

So it is clearly too involved to lost here. However some of the key considerations include: loft type, property construction method, local authority planning protocols and building regulations considerations.

Calculate your loft conversion cost here

At this stage one hazards a guess that you are still frustrated in your efforts to ascertain the loft conversion cost for your home.

For this reason we have created an easy to use and free app. In just 5 minutes the app will collect all the info our Surveyor needs to provide you with an accurate estimate as to your loft conversion cost.

Available on Apple and Android, just search ‘loft conversion’ and download Loft Conversion Estimator, all for free.

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