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Loft conversions are great way to add value to your property. Generally cheaper than other types of property extensions, loft conversions give purpose to unused space in your home. The foundations are already there waiting to be used.

Get it right and you add more than extra space to your home. A tasteful conversion that compliments the rest of your property makes for a better home life now. But it is also an investment on the future value of your property – should the time come to sell.

Get it wrong and you can be out of pocket and do more harm than good. Here are five characteristics of great loft conversions.

Make an entrance

A quality conversion speaks for itself, the moment you climb the stairs. Imagine the first time you show friends your new loft. Or giving interested buyers the tour of your property. Your ideal loft conversion wows people as soon as they enter.

Brighten the mood with natural light

A big part of the wow factor comes down to how well natural light is used. Your roof has the best seat in the house when it comes to direct sunlight so it would be a waste not to use it when converting your loft. 

There are a number of ways to make the most of daylight. From large Velux windows to roof domes and light wells. Set the mood with large panes of glass for uplifting daylight and beautiful night sky views.

Work wonders with space

Space is normally limited in lofts and the smartest designs do big things with little spaces. It starts with intelligent layout, making the most of every millimetre. Your choice of furniture plays a big role too. And you might want to apply a touch of colour trickery to create the illusion of space. Harking back to those friends or buyers you’re showing around, you want them to be surprised by how spacey your conversion feels.

Feel right at home

The best loft conversions don’t feel like conversions at all. They capture the essence of the family home – an extension of it rather than adding to it. Walking up the steps to your conversion, you want guests to forget all about lofts.

That part of the house feel comes largely down to design. But an essential step to any conversion is making sure you have a sufficient heating and water system in place. There’s a good chance you’ll need an upgrade to properly heat your new loft. While en-suite bathrooms are no good if the shower doesn’t run.

Add value to life at home

A key benefit to loft conversions is the added value to property. If you plan to sell your home or want to pass on added value to the kids one day, loft conversions are a cost-effective investment. It’s not all about the money though.

A conversion should add value to the time you and your family spend at home. Whether you build an extra bedroom, home office or something creative with your loft. You want your conversion to add value to your property and life at home.

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