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Loft conversions are a great opportunity to add value to your home. And a well-crafted loft conversion will not only add value to the property, but allows you to make money from your renovated roof.

Unlike extensions and most other home builds, you don’t have to wait until you sell the house to get a return on your investment. Loft conversions can be a big money-saver in the family home too. You can even make money with a properly converted attic.

Property experts will highlight attic space as one of the best ways to invest in the value of your home. Naturally, the property market varies across the country – and from house to house. But loft conversions are widely regarded as the choice option for investment builds.

Maybe you don’t need to move after all

Sometimes families grow too big for the family home and your teenage kids need more privacy. Or you could be expecting a new arrival and need a reshuffle. When the house isn’t big enough anymore, you might feel it’s time to move.

However, with tight finances and extortionate house prices, moving home is not always an option. There’s available space in your loft and the price of a loft conversion makes it much cheaper than a purchasing a larger property. To find a bigger house without sacrificing quality doesn’t come cheap – and don’t forget the cost of professional services. 

Students coming home from uni

University can be a tough financial time for families. Something not helped by the awkward living arrangements of term and holiday time. There’s a good chance your kids will be away for six weeks at a time and return for a week – or even a month in between. And then you have those long summers!

If you have enough room to cope with the coming and going, that’s great. But you could face another problem after graduation. It’s not easy getting on the property ladder for first-time buyers with university debts. Almost as hard as coming back home to live with the parents! 

A loft conversion gives your returning offspring a place of their own. It’s cheaper than renting elsewhere and gives them some time to put post-graduate life in order. Get a loft conversion before they go off to uni and you can rent the empty space while they are away.

Spare rooms for spare cash

Which brings us onto how you can make hard cash with a loft conversion. A properly converted loft can be rented as an attic or studio room, depending on the size. As long as the conversion meets specified criteria, it’s perfectly legal to rent out your loft space and make an instant return, as soon as the work is finished.

Demand for rental space is massive right now. A tough housing market for first-time buyers leaves rent as the only option for many. Which means you can get a good price for your attic space if you decide to rent it.

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