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Mini-guide on loft conversion Architects.

What is a loft conversion Architect?

As the name suggests a loft conversion Architect is an Architect who produces plans for loft conversions. More pertinently this particular breed of Architect specialises in loft conversions only. Run-of-the-mill Architects will also possess the qualifications to produce your loft plans, but a specialist will do so more expediently, more accurately and will know how to squeeze the most space out of your attic than anyone else can.


Why do I need a loft conversion Architect?

You will need a loft conversion Architect to produce your loft designs prior to getting your loft conversion built.

Before commencing work, first you will need either planning permission or a certificate of lawfulness from the council. Which of these documents it is will depend upon your circumstances.

You will need to commission and submit a full set of loft extension plans that set out to the Planning Officer exactly what you intend to construct, and describe to the Building Control dept. exactly how it will be constructed. Producing and submitting these successfully is the mission objective of a loft conversion architect.

What does a loft conversion Architect do?

A loft conversion Architect will produce your loft conversion plans. These plans consist of three elements.

The first elements are the planning level drawings. These drawings show the council what you intend to build. These plans will show the before and after views of the property from all aspects. The loft conversion Architect will submit these to the council planning department in order to obtain consent to build.

The second elements produced by the loft conversion Architect are the working drawings. These are sometimes referred to as structural plans. They add another layer of detail to the plans that will already by now have been submitted to the council for consideration, and detail precisely how the loft conversion will be built. The Building Control Officer will scrutinise these drawings prior to giving the green light to start construction work.

Third and not least the loft conversion Architect will produce the structural calculations. He or she will appoint a Structural Engineer to produce these. The calculations are the lengthy mathematical proofs that set out in numbers how the Engineer derived the structural plan for the loft conversion, including girder types, girder arrangement and girder sizes. The Engineer and loft conversion Architect can on occasion also be the same person.

How do I appoint a loft conversion Architect?

To hire a loft conversion Architect, you can either engage a professional specialist design and build firm, or recruit a loft conversion Architect directly. Boutique services as offered by the likes of are in demand thanks to their no-frills, low and fixed-fee pricing. They often present the quickest and cheapest way to get your loft conversion off the ground, pardon the pun.

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