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A luxury loft extension can do wonders for your home in London. If you’re looking to improve your living space, add an extra room or simply want to improve the value of your property, loft extensions are certainly the way to go! The benefits really do speak for themselves.

Add Extra Space

If you don’t already use your loft, why let it go to waste? When you’re dealing with London property, making the most out of every possible living space is absolutely essential. By opening up your loft, you can drastically decrease the cost-per-space ratio of your property.

Not everyone has the luxury of a large garden – especially in a city such as London – and just getting permission for an extension can be costly. So don’t spread out, spread up.

You should consider the fact that a loft, at least in terms of floorspace, is typically as spacious as the other floors of your building. Of course, the slant of your roof might take some of this up, but this just goes to show how much space your potentially sitting on.

Whole New Rooms

Of course, you’re not just adding additional space to existing areas – you’re creating entire new rooms! This gives you the potential to drastically improve your home, adding the living spaces that it needs.

An extra bedroom, for example, makes any home much more versatile. Whether it’s for a growing family or simply an additional guest room, turning your 2 or 3 bedroom home into a 3-4 bedroom house makes a big difference!

Alternatively, what about an extra bathroom? Perhaps you would like a cinema room or extra lounge? You really are free to choose exactly what you need. If your loft is big enough, you might even be able to divide it into two spaces!

One thing you might also want to consider is the ability to great amounts of natural light. Ceiling lights, or loft windows can easily illuminate entire areas during the day – great for creating natural ambience!

The Conversion Process

So, what about the conversion process itself? If you’re worried about major altercations to your home, then let us put you at ease. When you trust experienced and considerate conversion experts, such as City Lofts of London, your home is in safe hands.

All of our team take great care to treat your home with respect, making sure to avoid unnecessary disturbances as they work. More than this, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re aware of what's going on, from the early planning stages through to the conversion itself.

We don’t expect you to be a professional architect either, which is why we’ll help design the best space possible for your needs or desires. This way, we do all the hard work, leaving you with an impressive new loft space to enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your attic into a luxury new extension of your home!

What do customers of City Lofts London think of their new loft?

“Fantastic creativity mixed with professionalism and a real joy to work with. Rare in the building world I would imagine! I would highly recommend City Lofts to anyone thinking about it.”

Nick N, East Finchley

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