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Read the full transcript of this Queens Park loft conversion and watch the full before and after video, at the end of the case study.

Please introduce yourselves…

I’m Jane, and I’m Brent. Thomas. And this is our house….

Why did you opt for a loft conversion?

This was an opportunity to get the perfect house. And so the scope of the project was completely to use it as a blank canvas. To keep the important features that we were lucky to still have.

How did you find a City Lofts London?

We actually didn’t do a lot of looking because they came so strongly recommended by somebody we trusted. It was our daughter’s, boyfriends, step-grandmother who actually sold our flat for us. She recommended them.

We were looking for a ball park price and we were looking for a builder in whom we would have some confidence. And given that we were new to finding builders in London, the best way to find a builder is to ask somebody who you know, who’s has some work done. They’ll tell whether they’ve had a good builder, or a rubbish builder. I mean that’s kind of how it works. So they came recommended.

How was it working with City Lofts London?

The goal of the team was that we had a regular Saturday morning meeting. Every Saturday morning we met. There was a fluid conversation about what things were going to be like. So we had plans. Things grew and moved. They have an obsessive attention to detail, which is quite satisfying actually. And that made a big difference to the quality of the house.

Initially I didn’t really understand why we were spending a lot of time and energy trying to get two inches here and an inch there. Now I understand. Because you walk into the room and it doesn’t feel like a loft conversion. And that obsession about getting extra height was obsessive and turns out was really important and made a huge difference. So the loft is a really special space.

We lived in it entirely, cooked, ate, did everything. Slept in it for three weeks. And it works really well I tell you, bedsit is fantastic. It’s a lovely, lovely space. So that’s a special area. And the bookcase was something that we were persuaded to do and are very happy with.

Anything else you want to add?

You make a decision based on somebody else’s piece of work, but you look at it yourself and the experience that they have with that builder. Because you’re working together over a long period of time and you know they’ll be ups and downs. They’ll be moments of stress and they’ll be moments of pleasure, so you’re trying to, you’re trying to make sure you’re gonna work with people who will ensure that through that period, that you’ll have as many highs and as few lows as possible.

Watch the full before and after video here 


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