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Read the full transcript of this Whitton loft conversion and watch the full before and after video, at the end of the case study.

Describe the work carried out…

Okay, so we converted a loft and we added a bedroom and an en-suite.

Why did you want a loft conversion?

Well, we had a number of reasons. First, we had small children so we needed the extra space. And secondly, we knew by converting the loft in our home, we would actually be increasing the value of our home ultimately.

Are you pleased with the loft conversion?

Yes, I absolutely love it. We now have the extra space and I have a natural light in the room, so I’m more than happy. Aside from the extra bedroom and the extra bathroom, I would say I enjoyed my level of involvement in the whole process from beginning to finish. I really felt like my ideas were heard and listened to.

What reservations did you have about carrying out a loft conversion?

Well, I had never actually done anything like this before or even of this level of magnitude. So I didn’t really know what to expect or how to involve the architect, even how to go about getting plan permission. But this is where City Lofts were fantastic. They took care of everything for me and took away the stress.

Did you enjoy working with City Lofts London?

Yes. City Lofts gave me a journal which I kept with me and in there, I would put my ideas, get scraps from magazines, stick them in and share it with them. So this became a really good mechanism for us to communicate, letting me tell them what I wanted and for them to tell me what is feasible or not.

Did you live in whilst work was going on?

We did and we do have two small children. So initially, I was quite concerned about the level of disruption, the noise. But I was actually quite surprised because they did most of the work from the outside and just used a ladder to access the loft. So there were only a few occasions when they did actually have to come in through the house. So it worked out quite well in the end.

What do you like most about your new loft conversion?

I love the custom made wardrobes. They utilize space in the loft really well. And I also love the natural light that we get.

Has the loft conversion changed your life in anyway?

Well, the house is worth more than it would have been worth otherwise, which means now we can sell our house and buy a house in the school area for our kids.

Did you have any reservations about hiring City Lofts London for your Loft Conversion?

To be honest, I don’t think I had any reservations.

Why did you choose City Lofts London?

Firstly, they came highly recommended. And secondly, all their online reviews checked out. So, I was very happy using them. They surprised me. They were professional in their approach, they were very systematic. They all seemed to know what they were doing and they were kind builders. Okay, so I had received quite a few quotes from other loft conversion companies. The quotation I received from City Lofts did actually surprise me because they gave me a detailed quotation with a step by step guide of what to expect and what was actually involved. And that level of care and attention that went into the quote was what sold it to me.

Would you recommend City Lofts London to your friends?

Actually, yes I have and funnily enough, they’ll be working on my neighbor’s loft next.

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